The Design Process
This two hour consultation in your garden is an opportunity for you to ask questions on all aspects of the design process and help us to unlock your garden's potential with design and planting ideas tailored to your needs, inspirations and budget. This may be all you need to get you started with a DIY project, or to sort out that awkward corner and rejuvenate your existing borders.

We will discuss your wants and requirements and offer solutions to your garden problems.
Would you like a seating area in that sunny corner? Would you like to pick your own kitchen herbs? Would you enjoy listening to the gentle sound of a water feature? Do you need to block out the traffic noise? Do you need somewhere for the children to play? Maybe you'd like some help in setting up an organic vegetable plot to feed the family on healthy, home-grown food.

The ideas discussed will be used for a written design brief if you would like to commission a detailed Masterplan for your garden.

There is an initial charge for the visit of 80, to cover time and expenses, which would be refunded from the total design package fee. This visit will enable us to quote for all or part of the services offered below.
The Design Process
Initial Consultation
The next step, once a design is commissioned, is to arrange an appointment for the survey and site analysis. This will give us the information we need to draw up a concept design plan. We will test your soil and identify any site problems, such as drainage or exposure to winds, traffic noise or overlooking properties. If your garden is particularly large or more complex, it may be necessary to engage a professional land surveyor.

Site analysis and Survey
Presentation Master Plan
This is the final part of the inclusive Presentation design service. A detailed, scale plan of the design, along with any appropriate 3D visualisations or artist's impressions will be presented in person to you. This acts as a discussion document, and if any minor changes are required at this point, they will be carried out and an amended plan will be provided.

The costs of the inclusive design service will depend on the size and complexity of the site, but an average-sized garden of up to 300 sq.m. should cost no more than 500 at this point. You will receive the Master plan plus an extra (black and white) copy, as well as approximate costings for completion of the project, and other supporting visuals or information.

Colour rendering (by hand) of the plan will be an extra charge of 50 - many clients like to have this attractive copy of the plan for framing purposes.
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Additional Services
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